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About Us

It all starts with a seed

Our company started out as a "Home Project" if you may.  As we sat at home, we were talking to our children and said that we wanted each of them to come up with an idea to create  something that people may need or want.  We said that they could either do it on their own, or partner with someone.  We gave them a little time, and they all came up with one of our snacks.  The  beef jerky, the cookies, the won ton chips and the chex mix.  And with the help and support of our friends (through Facebook), we are  able to share with  you these awesome, "Just like homemade" snacks.

After seeing the success of our project, we realized that this dream needed to  become a reality.  We needed to think of a way to be  able to sell our products  to the public.  That is when we decided to make our Ohana Style  kitchen.  This is a place where everyone from social media  and those in the community  can come and buy  some good snacks or just to stop by and say HI!

We are always thankful for the people that supported and helped us  get to where we are today. Without your support our once "Home Project" would not have thrived as it did, to become a family business  sharing some of our favorite treats and recipes with our "extended" ohana.



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